The Korean Cultural Center of Chicago
May 17, 2019

ONE is located in the heart of Wheeling, a town that is vibrant and diverse. You can see that diversity everywhere, in local neighborhood businesses and communities, including the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago. Less than ten years old, the center has a powerful history and a strong vision for the local community.

The Korean Cultural Center is born

For American immigrants of many generations, there’s a desire to maintain ties with their culture when far from home. This need for connection, combined with outsider interest, inspired KCCOC to create a place that engages interest in and promotes Korean heritage.

The Korean Cultural Center of Chicago (KCCOC) was founded in 2004, though it existed without a physical space. It wasn’t until 2010 when the organization finally found a home in Wheeling, and celebrated the opening of their three-acre compound, which operates like a campus-style facility. Multiple buildings are housed on the compound, including a museum, art gallery, library, assembly hall, community center, multi-purpose room and numerous classrooms.

Plan Your Visit

A central part of KCCOC’s programming is providing networking and educational opportunities to create a stronger Korean community.  The KCCOC also offers a wide variety of educational programs, sponsored events and cultural activities, including art exhibits. Their classes include multiple languages, music/art programs and dance/exercises programs.

The Korean Cultural Center of Chicago is free and open to the public Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM, and Saturday 9AM-4PM. They are located at 9930 Capitol Drive in Wheeling.

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