Specialty Food Shops in Wheeling
May 3, 2019

Living at ONE puts you right in the center of a city where a rich, diverse cultures intersect and breathe life into the local businesses. It’s said that variety is the spice of life, and we agree, which is why we’re bringing you a list of the best specialty food shops in Wheeling so that you can immerse yourself in the enticing and unique offerings of the city.


Stiglmeier Sausage Co


Hand-crafted sausages are made at this specialty store the Old World way. Anton Stiglmeier learned sausage-making as an apprentice in Munich. He and his wife emigrated to Chicago in the 1950s, bringing the Bavarian craft with them. Bavaria is known for all things German Oktoberfest, the best beer and great sausage, the latter being exactly what you’ll find in this shop. And even better: they’ll ship your fresh sausage straight to your door!


Daniel’s Caviar Co.


Daniel’s Caviar Co. offers a wide variety of black and red caviar for every budget. Both wholesale buyers and everyday shoppers can enjoy the shopping options at this local specialty market. Alongside caviar, the shop offers Russian and European foods and a selection of seafood. And the shop owner, Felix, is always happy to help walk customers through the store’s extensive assortment.


Fresh Farms International Market


Fresh Farms got its start in 1980 on the corner of Devon and Talman under the name North Water Market. After initial success there, the store opened a series of locations. Each location prides itself on providing culturally specific products that reflect each community’s need, so you’ll find pre-made European foods and pastries, as well as fresh juices and gelato, at the Fresh Farms International Market on Milwaukee Avenue.


KD Market – Krystyna’s Deli


KD Market transports the Old World to Wheeling through its decor and food. The deli offers a wide selection of meats, cheeses, prepared foods and bakery foods, all traditionally prepared. Their fresh bagels and pączki are celebrated by all who cross the transom. KD’s mission is to be the finest ethnic grocery store in the hearts and minds of their clients so check them out and see if they live up to their promise.


Carnicerias Jimenez


Carnicerias Jimenez provides the same products as other supermarkets, but augmets their stock with extensive imported goods and the highest quality produce. Their store also boasts a bakery and tacqueria, so your trip to the grocery store might include some of the best take out offerings around. And if you’re up for experimenting with authentic ethnic cuisine, their website offers a multitude of Hispanic recipes ready and waiting.


Seoul Supermarket


Seoul Supermarket is a traditional Korean grocery store that meets all your usual food shopping needs. Besides meat, fish and produce, they have prepared foods, including everyone’s favorite Korean spicy seasoned chicken wings and ban chan. Sushi is also prepared on site and their pastry assortment is always a temptation.


Sunrise Indian Supermarket & Restaurant


Sunrise is the largest Indian grocery store in the neighborhood and brings in fresh meat everyday that is then trimmed and prepped by the on-site butcher to the specific needs of the store’s patrons. In addition to the grocery store, Sunrise also includes fast food pickup in-store, which is not to be overlooked. When you shop on Thursdays, you’ll get a free dosa for everyone one you buy.


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